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Our Mission For Your Rehabilitation 

We build our mission for patient rehabilitation around what we want for ourselves - the ability to control and manage our physical condition on our own. 

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Physical Therapy Sciatica Treatment Joint Pain in Indianapolis, INDr. Golden always tells his patients that at least 90% of their physical well-being should be managed and maintained by themselves. This is a rule he even follows himself. The rest is maintained with the help of therapists, physicians and other services to finely tune and aid in areas that simply cannot be self-managed.

Physical Therapy in Indianapolis, IN Sciatica Treatment Arthritis Pain Relief Rehabilitation Services - Physical Therapy in Indianapolis

The type of rehabilitation that we specialize in was developed by Dr. Golden's practice using his understanding of his own needs, as well as anatomy, physics, mechanical design, and observation. Dr. Golden explains the process of developing his physical therapy methods, saying “For years I stretched and strengthened different muscles that I thought would fix my low back pain but kept coming back to incomplete resolution. It wasn’t until I found what was truly weak that I was able to get my low back well again!”  As a result of this, we focus on central stability in order to provide peripheral structures with an “anchor”. Once this central stability is achieved, the tissues that have been overused can heal and return to normal. 

Activation of Stability in Muscles

We all require stability to function our best, and unfortunately many of us lack some measure of stability. Structurally, many of us struggle to keep the core strong. For those that have never suffered an injury to the back and hip area (the lumbo-pelvic region), strengthening the core is simple. For the rest of us, the process of returning those muscles back to a normal function is critical. Dr. Golden has developed a series of clinical techniques and home exercises that “switch” specific muscles on.  Using the home-version of his techniques, you are able to begin managing these conditions yourself more permanently. 

Conditions For Physical Therapy Treatment

If you find yourself experiencing any of these conditions, or many more, please don't hesitate to contact us for a consultation,

  • Condition 1: Low back pain with or without radiating pain
  • Condition 2: Foot and ankle pain, such as plantar fasciitis
  • Condition 3: Elbow and wrist pain, such as tennis elbow
  • Condition 4: Shoulder, neck and head pain, such as rotator cuff conditions
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Pain Management in Indianapolis, IN 

Our pain management services are created and intended for patients with permanent structural issues such as nerve damage, surgical fusions, advanced osteoarthritis and other similar conditions. These conditions are managed very well with conservative and non-invasive techniques practiced here at Symmergy Clinic. The goal is controlling the pain and optimizing the daily functionality of each patient we treat.

Performance Optimization

Performance optimization is the ultimate goal for all of our patients. Many patients come into our clinic with acute and painful active conditions. Once we have identified the cause and have reconditioned the tissues appropriately, we can get into the "fun" part of therapy, increasing patient performance. When pain is a distant memory, the real objective becomes further fine-tuning and movement enhancement.  Not simply for athletes, we can all use performance optimization. 

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