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Our motto is "specific and simple."

We pinpoint the area causing the pain, then use the appropriate therapy to reduce or eliminate that pain.
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Chiropractor Sciatica Treatment Joint Pain Indianapolis, IndianaSymmergy Clinic, located in Indianapolis, has a different approach to chiropractic care and joint pain treatment. Our one central, logical paradigm is: balancing the tissue that controls the joint allows that joint to function in a pain-free manner.

We used a modified form of electro-acupuncture that quickly lengthens strained, tightened, shortened soft tissue around the joints. This, along with manual medicine therapy (if needed) allows Symmergy to boast superior results.

At Symmergy, we don't just address the pain. The pain is merely a symptom. Our bodies are wonderfully resilient and meant to stand up to rigorous physical stress and strain. Pain is a sign that we're putting too much force through our joint system. Carefully pinpointing the tissue that's causing the excessive force transfer let's us apply the most effective therapy. That reduces, reverses and eliminates the true root of the pain. Remove the fuel and the fire will go out.

Specific and simple is the Symmergy difference.

Pain Management Solutions

We take a different approach to joint pain relief. Whether you've been treated without success or are just beginning to notice any pain, Symmergy Clinic can help.

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Once we've diagnosed and treated the pain, we want to make sure it doesn't recur. Our Indianapolis physical therapy services are designed to allow our patients to heal correctly, get on with their lives in a pain-free way and stop the pain from coming back.

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Chiropractor Indianapolis, IN Joint Pain in Indianapolis

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Getting to the root of the pain that patients are experiencing is the number one goal. Dr. Golden takes the time to truly get to the root cause of a patient's pain. He makes an effort to "fix" the problem, or get as close as humanly possible to that. Dr Golden's goal is to provide immediate and significant pain relief.

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"Dr. Golden is the most caring, thorough, competent and effective chiropractor I have met in more than 50 years."

 He performs pain-relieving, realignment magic, uses ongoing records to improve progress, introduces exercises to increase benefit, and in general, makes my body a more comfortable place to be. Dr. Golden is... golden. Thanks for the chance to brag."